Volatility isn't always a Bad thing!

Warren Buffet once said, 'Be fearful when people are greedy and be greedy when people are fearful'. 

It's important to have a well-diversified portfolio so you don’t have concentrated risk in any single sector or stock. “

Building a well-diversified portfolio will help protect your investment from being battered “a perfect storm” where there's concerns ranging from the banking crisis in the U.S. and abroad, along with debate about how the Federal Reserve and the ECB will adjust their base rates.

Investors might be tempted to [time the market], but by doing so it means having to be correct twice — once while getting out and again while getting back in. Rather than trying to brave the storm and make changes to your portfolio, the best course of action is typically to hold tight.

Investing when the stock markets are falling adds more value to your fund, our advise is to Buy Buy Buy!