Green investments

Renewable energy is evolving more today than ever before. There are a number of major developments currently happening in Ireland supporting the renewable energy sector. Both private and public companies are buying and building windfarms throughout our Country.

In another area of renewables co-location of solar and battery projects are proving to be particularly effective, as they can share grid connections and obtain economies of scale, energy will be shared accross Europe.

This is not a new concept to us.  Our clients have invested directly into Wind Energy, Solar and Energy from Waste Plants for over the past 12 years.

Our planet can provide all the energy we need through the wind, sun and water. As sustainability awareness grows, we wish to contribute in the best way we can to Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) investing. The word “sustainable” means an ability to exist continually, our future generations are depending on us.

Flynn & Lynch are committed to Net Zero by 2040 supporting our industry standards, the Paris 2050 deadline and COP 26. We are working towards a sustainable or “greener” working environment. We have signed up to the Go Green Inititative with Longfords LEO.