Property Based

There are many ways to invest in property, two of these are:

Directly by buying a property as an investment or indirectly by investing your money in a property fund.

If buying a property for investment you will need to have either a large sum of money, or you will have to borrow, to invest directly in property. 

This type of investment will give you rental income and capital growth if the value of the property rises. It's important to be aware that there are lots of associated risks with a direct property investment. Rental income maybe less than expected, the value may fall leading to negative equity and selling the property may prove difficult. 

You can also invest indirectly in property through a property fund. These funds typically invest in commercial, retail and industrial property. If you invest in a property fund, you will pay tax and charges, including capital gains tax (CGT) on any profits you make from the sale of property. This would be considered a medium to longterm investment as you have to tie up your money for a minimum period of six years.