Pensions are a critical part of any successful financial planning. In Ireland we are living longer and becoming more active in our retirement years. It's important for you to think of where your income will come from when you decide to retire or slow down your working life as your state pension will only provide a basic level of income for you.

The full single persons State Pension is currently €248.30 (2021) or approximately €1,076 per month. When planning for your retirement you will need to decide if this is enough for you to live on, and to live the lifestyle you want. 

We take all the complexity out of planning for retirement and help you make the right decisions, whether you are an employee, self-employed, company director or even already retired. 

Pensions are the most tax efficient way to save. However, it is critically important that pensions are set-up correctly, with the right investment strategy, and the lowest possible costs.

Your plan will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that you are on target to reach your retirement goal.

Save tax while you save for your retirement.