At Retirement

Would you like to stop working completely or work on in retirement? Your lifestyle will change as well as your income when you retire. Will you pick up a new hobby or take up an interest? Do you want a sedentary retirement or do you plan on keeping active? Whatever you decide, your private pension pot will suppliment your income to help you live your dream.

The number of options available to you at retirement depends on the type of pension you have. These can be a Personal Pension, an Executive Pension or a Superannuation Scheme. We will guide you through the best options for you. Normally there are four main options available:

  1. Take a 25% tax free cash lump sum (subject to a lifetime limit of €200,000).
  2. Invest in an Approved Retirement Plan (ARF/AMRF).
  3. Buy an Annuity.
  4. Take a taxed Retirement Lump Sum.