Income Protection

Your income is your most important and possibly your largest asset. Without your income life can become very difficult. 

That’s where income protection gives you an alternative income if you are unable to work. It’s different to health insurance – it’s insurance for daily living.

When illness or injury leaves you unable to work, income protection gives you financial security. It means you can keep on top of the bills that matter. Mortgage repayments or rent, car loans, food bills and utility bills. Having income protection will give you security and peace of mind for you to take the time you need to recover and return to work. 

A male aged 32 taking out income protection for a montly benefit of €1,500 would cost €67.14 per month, less the tax relief available giving a net cost of €53.71 per month. Source Aviva Life & Pensions, 30/11/2021.

Real protection starts with Income Protection. Be smart by creating a financial cushion for you and your loved ones. 

Income Protection Claimant – Vanessa’s Story