Life Cover

Life Assurance is more affordable now than ever. There are also a huge range of additional benefits available to make sure that you have the most suitable type of cover in place. In some cases, tax relief is available making that type of life cover more affordable. 

From engagement, marriage, through to a house,  new arrival, college, retirement and finally to inheritance tax planning, most of us will need solid financial advice to protect you and your family every step of your journey.

The level of cover you choose will depend on your own family circumstances. At the very least, you need to think about the amount your family will need to cover basic expenses if they lose your income.

The cost of life cover typically depends on your age, your health, whether you smoke, chosen term, selected product type and agreed level of cover. As we grow older our lives change and the level of life cover may be increased or decreased. 

We will also review your life cover to ensure that your cover is suitable for your needs. As we get older our lives change, the grow and life events can occur. Typically we would see a change in our clients needs every five years. 

Life assurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense.